Welcome to F...as in Flowers, a floral design studio specializing in weddings and events. Lynn Curcio's affair with flowers began 30 years ago. Working in greenhouses and gardens through college, Lynn discovered  her passion that sparked her journey of designing weddings in floral shops. Fifteen years ago she put her entrepreneurial spirit to use and opened her private floral design studio. Her organic sense of color, texture and artistic details are evident in her lush, beautiful designs that follow the natural lines and inherent beauty of the flowers.  Lynn travels to Boston each week to hand select her flowers for each weekend's events along with supporting her local farmers through buying locally. Lynn's knack for listening to your needs, promises to bring your vision to life with warmth and joy. 

Lynn creates every wedding and event from the initial consultation to delivering your flowers on your momentous day. Ensuring every detail is in place, nothing gets "lost in translation". Her willingness to go above and beyond, coupled with her artful knowledge of flowers, promises to make your day as beautiful, as it is important.

We happily travel and deliver to Southern Maine, NH and Northern Massachusetts/Boston.